IES san Telmo

    Where do you prefer to eat, sparrow?



    Is there a measurable behavior when sparrows eat?

     Is there any difference in sparrow’s behavior between North and South district of Jerez?


    -Bread crumbs

    -Measuring tape

    -Video camera


    -Quantification tables


    -Explanatory poster


    This experience starts in order to divulge Ethology, one of the branches of Biology.  To do it we have studied an animal linked to our daily life, the sparrow (Passer domesticus).  The study consisted of placing a man-made trough in two particular places in Jerez (North and South district) to analyze the interactions.


    This experience took place at San Telmos’ schoolyard once pupils have left and a car park in the North district. A man-made trough with bread crumbs was placed there for several weeks and the activity was recorded on video, always at the same time, for several weeks in both zones. Later on, the collected data was analyzed to get behavior patterns according several variables.

    Question 1

    Can we demonstrate if there is any difference between sparrows in the North district and South district?

    Question 2

    How could we explain these differences?






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